Friday, January 11, 2008

West Coast Tour Blog, Day 6

Who was it that wrote "I Love LA"? Oh right, Randy Newman. He's an idiot. LA freaks me out. Not in the same way that Pennsylvania does, where I feel like there might be a Klan rally going on around every corner, but pretty similar. As we drove down the 5, I felt like Marlow venturing into the heart of darkness. Nevertheless, we pressed on and arrived at the Holiday Inn in Pasadena at the golden hour for our gig at Mr. T's Bowl.


Proud papa Mike Saccento met us at our hotel and took us to the Pie 'n Burger for dinner, which was delicious. Steve and Drew's rowdy enthusiasm nearly got us kicked out of the place.


Then it was off to Mr. T's Bowl, a former bowling alley that now serves as a laid-back, dive-y music venue. That said, it was right up our alley (wah wah), except for the fact that beers and shots were about 7 bucks apiece, even for the cool people in the band. How's a poor honky supposed to get his drink on with prices like that? Anyway, a whole bunch of our friends came out and it was fun meeting up with everybody, such as myspace friend/fan, Ms. Christie, who brought out some friends and took some photos, and Kieran from Bar 9 (our favorite bar in NYC)who happened to be in LA at the time. The show was good and we stuck around for a while taking shots of Absinthe, which tasted like liquid ass and didn't even make us hallucinate. We were all pretty exhausted at this point, and my Elvis suit was starting to smell like a dead body. Thankfully, we had another gig in LA the next night, so John, Mike and I went back to our friend Steve and Kate's place, while the newly formed Team C-Section (Boro, Drew and Steve) went back to the hotel, to get some much needed rest.

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