Friday, January 25, 2008

NEWS 1/25/08

Happy New Year, swimmers! "Lucky '07" lived up to the hype, as Lifeguard Nights had the best (and only) year we've ever had! We recorded 7 albums, got signed to Headshop Records, toured the West Coast, grew to an impressive 11 members (if everybody shows up), and finished off the year opening for our friends Wormburner and The Knockout Drops at the Bowery Ballroom! It was awesome...

...but now "Great '08" is here and it's already shaping up to be even better! We kicked off the year with what I thought was our best show ever, at Maxwell's in Hoboken. I was actually a little intimidated beforehand, much more so than at Bowery Ballroom, because of all the great shows I've seen there. But once we got up there it was the most fun I've ever had playing a show. The sound (at least from where I was) was awesome, the crowd was pretty lubed up and there was plenty of energy on stage. Unfortunately, Sean's car was vandalized by some punks who destroyed his ignition, and the Hoboken cops don't seem to have any promising leads. They even took the tape deck AND the Creedence. Fuckers.

In happier news, you can now download ALL SIX home-recorded Lifeguard Nights albums at (thanks Dave Biskup). That's So Low, Doing Harm on Easy Street, After The Disasters, M, Calm Down, Chief! and So Lower, all available for FREE! So head on over there and download em, each one's better than the last!

PLUS, we're heading into the studio next week to lay down basic tracks on our 2ND STUDIO ALBUM! Yes, it deserves all caps. It's that exciting. We're thrilled to be recording at Retromedia in Red Bank again, and working with our favorite little buddy Adam Vaccarelli! We'll be approaching this album a little differently than the last one, which was mostly recorded live in the studio in one day. We're gonna take a little more time on this one, to really produce it and give it a much bigger sound. If all goes well, it'll have the charm of our home recordings mixed with the professional sound of the studio, and I can't wait to hear the results. I'll keep updating this site with pictures and videos and reports from the recording sessions as they happen, so check back often.

Finally, we've got a bunch of gigs in the Tri-State area booked in the coming months, and are hoping to make a journey through some southern states this spring, and head over to Europe in the late Summer/Fall. To keep up to date on all Lifeguard-related activity, head over to and drop us a line so we know you're out there, all two of you. Thanks, safe swimming for now,


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