Monday, February 15, 2010



A few weeks ago, some of us guards got together at the last minute to bid farewell to my old apartment, which happened to be apartment #3D. For 6 years, 3D was more than just my home, it was my sanctuary, my fortress of solitude, my study, my studio, my muse, my vomit receptacle, my den of inequity, and much much more. Hundreds of songs were penned in that apartment, countless friendships were formed, strange videos were shot, loves were won and lost (and ultimately won for good when I met Eve), and infinite memories were made. Lifeguard Nights itself was born in 3D, with a few spirited open jam sessions right in my bedroom. If the walls of 3D could speak, oh the stories they could tell. Actually they'd probably just start screaming and then mumbling incoherently, for they are most likely traumatized beyond repair. I pity the new tenants.

Anyway, I've always wanted to record a live album in the apartment and call it "Live in 3D" but never got around to it. About a month ago I learned I had to move out of 3D and into a new apartment in the building. After a long week of heavy lifting, sweating, wheezing and sobbing uncontrollably, Eve and I were all moved out of 3D and we Lifeguards had one last chance to attempt some sort of "Live in 3D" recording. Only problem was I had moved all my recording equipment out of the room already. Good thinking on my part. However,a few of us were able to get together and have a good little jam session and record it on video. It's a little sloppy at times (we may have been a little banged up) but that's the spirit of 3D. Lifeguard Nights does not believe in perfection, we believe in having fun with it. So here ya go, the Lifeguard Nights: Live in 3D Video Series. Enjoy, and fare thee well, 3D, you shall be missed.

the band for the evening was:

Boris Veysman: bass, vocals
Peter Bellomo: keys, vocals
Brad Clymer: trumpet, vocals
Mike Gallina: guitar
Dave Biskup: shaker?
Nick Oliver: heckling
and me: guitar, vocals

"Downtown" -- The first Lifeguard Nights song, written/recorded in 3D


"Lost Boy"

"Fred's Going to Haiti" -- a brand new tune we improvised on the spot

Safe swimming,

Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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