Friday, December 4, 2009

Update: "A Very Mercury X-Mas" SOLD-OUT!!!


Yes indeed, you read that correctly, our 3rd Annual X-Mas Spectacular with Wormburner, Knockout Drops and The Yule Dogs is sold out! Frikkin' sweet! I just hope you got your tickets in time, whoever you are that is reading this.

We've got the full 10 piece band in effect for the show, featuring:

Cube Vintner on guitar and vocals
Boris "Shoot'Em Up" Veysman on the bass
S.S. Dans on the drums
Peter J. Bellomo on the keys, guitar and vocals
Timmay J. Dempsey on the guitar, keys, and vocals
John P. Dorocki on the guitar and drunk
Sean "Lord" Calvert on percussion
Paulie J. Donofrio on percussion
C. Brad Clymer on the trumpet
Sara Jacovino on the trombone

Rehearsals have been stellar and I guarantee we are going to pleasure-fuck the shit out of your ears! We go on at 8 PM SHARP so if you have tickets, don't be late!

We'll also be giving away tons of free shit like we do every year. Why? Because Santa Claus isn't real, but Lifeguard Nights is. That's why, fucker!


For those of you in the great state of NJ, Lifeguard Nights will be performing a very special stripped down acoustic set at Twisted Tree Cafe in Asbury Park (609 Cookman Ave) tomorrow night, Saturday, December 5th, from 7-9 PM! We'll be playing some oldies, some newies, some covers, whatever you want! They're gonna be lighting the tree that night in downtown A.P. and have all sorts of other festivities going on so the town is bound to be a'hoppin! Come on down! I can't stop using exclamation points!!!

Happy holidays!

Vincent and Lifeguard Nights!

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