Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer! RISES Tracklist! Release IMMINENT!


HAPPY MF'N SUMMER! Took long enough. As you may know, the past 8 months haven't exactly been a picnic down the Jersey Shore, but we toughed it out with the help of our good friend alcohol, and also our good friends. But now Summer is here and our spirits have risen like a phoenix, rising from Arizona. It is only fitting then that our new album is titled RISES and it will be released online any minute now. Here's the track listing:

1. Scum Summer
2. Country Roads
3. The Flood
4. Islands
5. Cruel and Usual Punishment
6. Let's Go Shit Our Jeans
7. Off to the Races
8. Remember this Dismemberment
9. We Used to Dance
10. Wicked Waves

There is no filler on this baby. No weird interludes, no banter, no slow jams. Just 10 hot rock and roll hits. Perfect for the Summer. A link will be posted shortly so you can enjoy it. Stay tuned,

Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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