Friday, August 10, 2012

Mercury Lounge Set/Thanks/The Future


Thanks to all ye who came out to the SJSLCB reunion at the Mercury Lounge last night, it sure was something!  We played all these old hits:

Whiny White Boy
Beach Party
Disaster Area
Where Roses Lie
Dark Side of the Pool
Night Patrol
Wave Goodbye

I'll post pics and maybe video if any exists.  The SJSLCB is going back on hiatus for a long, long time, although we do have a new album coming out in the fall entitled "We're Having a Great Time" which we actually started recording over two years ago at the house we rented in LBI.  It's a party.

Lifeguard Nights will be back up and running soon though with all new hits, new recordings, some new players, and gigs.  It's an exciting time for us all. Stay tuned, and safe swimming!


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