Monday, April 12, 2010



Many thanks to all of you who came out to Maxwell's this past Friday night, it really means a lot to us! Hope you had as much of a blast as we did! I would also like to thank all the other bands who joined us (Out Like Lambs, Hrny Wrms, and Montagna & The Mouth to Mouth) who all kicked ass, and I'm not just saying that to say it, I'm saying it out of love. Also, very special thanks to Katy Cunningham for choreographing the show-stopping Guardettes routine, and thanks to the Guardettes (Katy, Alyssa Millman and the First Lady of Lifeguard Land, Eve) for nailing it!


Hyperbaric Chamber*
Allie Says
Dire Straits
I Don't Like Love
If Only*
Summer Dress*
The Gun Show*
Driveway Dreams*
Batten Down the Hatches
The Red Eye
Living in Low Light*

*debut performances

Videos shot by the Meat Man:

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