Monday, October 12, 2009

...And We're Back!


Hi there, missed me? I didn't think so. Anyway, after a brief hiatus I'm happy to announce the return of Lifeguard Nights to the stage, to celebrate our favorite holiday (Halloween) at our favorite bar (Bar Nine) with our favorite band (Hrny Wrms)!

The party starts at 9 PM on Friday, October 30th (Devils Night) at Bar Nine on 807 9th Ave (between 53rd and 54th). We're going on first, followed by Hrny Wrms!

We're preparing a very special set just for the occasion, featuring some of the more dark/scary LGN material. Old hits, new hits, obscure hits galore! The band will (hopefully) be comprised of me on guitar and vocals, Boris Veysman on bass, Lil' Steve Honoshowsky on drums, Peter J. Bellomo on guitar/piano/vocals, Paulie Jo Donofrio on congas, Charles Brad Clymer on trumpet and Sarah Rose on viola. You've definitely never heard us like this before. I myself have never actually heard us like this before, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be awesome.

IT'S A COSTUME PARTY SO DON'T BE LAME. I will personally be giving away a special prize for best costume.

In addition to all this greatness, I'll also be releasing a very special brand-spankin-new Uncle Vin HALLOWEEN ALBUM! It's fun stuff for the whole family, and it rocks pretty hard. Quite honestly, I myself am shocked at how hard some of these tunes rock. You won't be disappointed.

Hope to see you there!

Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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