Friday, April 17, 2009

The Miss Factory, Volume 2 & BEYOND!!!

Hi everybody,

So I finally finished up The Miss Factory, Volume 2, and it is officially a passport to wild times. As with Volume 1, a number of special guests joined me on these tunes, including Boris Veysman on bass licks, Drew Brady on keys and vocals, Brad Clymer on trumpet and groaning, Sarah Rose on keys and Gerard Egan on Slash lead guitar. They all kicked ass and I can't thank them enough for their time and effort. The tracklist for Volume 2 is as follows:

1. Open Season
2. Down And Out
3. Sorry
4. Hide And Seek
5. Keep Trying
6. Bury Me
7. In My Head
8. Bits And Pieces
9. Trash
10. Magazine
11. Circles
12. Road To Nowhere
13. Do The Stranglehold

Right now we're still trying to determine the best way to release "The Miss Factory," since getting double-albums made up is apparently rather costly, and coupled with the fact that nobody buys cds anymore, that's not awesome. But the alternative is risking having this gem lounge in obscurity (which it probably will anyway) and we can't take that chance. Once we figure out the game plan, we'll let you know. Whether or not we get physical copies made up, REST ASSURED the album(s) will be up on iTunes soon. If it's one thing I hate, it's you not resting assured. So please, rest away.

As for THE FUTURE (and boy do I love the future! In the future I'm a space-cop!), a few of us have been practicing regularly (like a real live band, how about that!) and have been working on some even newer material, which I think is going to shock and delight your pants off. It's a whole new sound, more electric and rocking and fun. These songs may end up part of my vague plan to attempt another concept album, called "Lifeboat For Fatty" or they may end up turning into something else. Who knows? I sure the fuck don't, but I'm pretty psyched about it. We'll be debuting some of these new gems at our upcoming shows, which are:

May 24th at the Mullet Convention BBQ in Guttenberg NJ
May 27th at Bar 9 in NYC with Little Embers (8 PM)
June 15th at Pianos in NYC (9 PM)


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