Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"ATE" Now Available Online!


After many months collecting dust on the shelf, "ATE" is finally available on iTunes and various other digital outlets for your downloading pleasure. Recorded in the Summer/Fall of 2008, "ATE" is my 8th (see what I did there? BAM!) Lifeguard Nights home-recorded album. It's a little weird, I'm not going to lie to you. After the more polished (relatively) and deliberately constructed (sorta) "Following The Hollowing" album, I wanted to do something different, something a little more raw and off-the-cuff. Most of the songs on "ATE" were written and recorded in the same day, without too much hemming and hawing over the lyrics and instrumentation and whatnot. I just banged 'em out.

Musically, there is some pretty catchy stuff on here, but there's also some more far-out stuff as well, like "Smoke Signals" featuring a distorted vocal solo over a hypnotic banjo melody and castanets. "Right At Home" features slide guitar and some good ol' fashioned knee-slapping, and "The Loser Parade" features me on Charlie Brown sad (bad) trumpet. It's a pretty wild ride.

Lyrically, the album is pretty bitter and antagonistic, but hey, that's what I was feeling at the time and I felt I should "keep it real," as the kids say. Writing music is the only way I know how to get my frustration out. Cheaper than a shrink, and more fun, I imagine.

I sketched out the cover one day at the office:


Then one night after sucking down a Rotisserie chicken and a few baked potatoes, I had Eve take this photo of my gut, and Dave Biskup photoshopped the beautiful cover:


VOILA! A masterpiece was born...or a minorpiece....depends on your perspective I guess. It's a piece of some kind, I assure you. "of shit?" you ask. Why I oughta....don't make me come over there, buddy! I'll do it.

"ATE" Track Listing:

1. Let's Start Over
2. Good Riddance
3. Geeks On Dates
4. Hidden Torture
5. Imbecile Reign
6. Smoke Signals
7. Bloody City
8. Right At Home
9. Joy Boy Army
10. The Voice of Treason
11. Walking Through A Bad Dream
12. Thanks For Not Coming
13. The Loser Parade

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