Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Miss Factory, Volume 1 Tracklist

Hi imaginary friends, I hope 2009 is treating you all well so far! It's treating me wonderfully. I have done nothing except write and record music every night, with the occasional exceptions of going to shows and making sweet love to my beautiful wife. The result of all this hard work is The Miss Factory, a double-album split into 2 volumes (13 songs each) that is quickly nearing completion and is hands down the best thing I've ever done in my life. Far better than that time I stripped butt naked right before nailing the winning shot in beer pong at Jess's house, and slightly better than that 3 foot long turd I dropped last week that snaked around a couple times and poked it's head out of the water. Needless to say, it's a great album. This is how excited I am about it:


A number of very special guests have lent their talents to the album, including Boris Veysman on the the bass, Dr.Ew Brady on keys, accordion and vocals, Katy Cunningham on vocals, John Dorocki on kalimba and harmonium, Brad Clymer on the trumpet, Sara Jacovino on trombone, Sarah Rose on viola and Gerard Egan on lead guitar. More guests are scheduled to record soon and hopefully the whole she-bang will be released this Spring. The tracklist for Volume 1 is as follows...

1. I Think It's Time You Moved to Florida
2. Melt Away
3. Frustrated
4. Lost
5. Andonandon
6. CLR
7. In This Light
8. Sex in the Morning
9. My Chevrolet
10. All Out Of...
11. Holy Now
12. Sunrise
13. This is a Demonstration

The tracklist for Volume 2 will be released soon. Not that it really matters. I'm only doing this so I remember what order to put the songs in on the album.

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