Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! 2009 is gearing up to be a big year for Lifeguard Nights. All systems go. Pedal to the metal. Balls to the wall. Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet. As of today I've got 21 songs close to completion on "The Miss Factory", the 9th Lifeguard Nights home-recorded album, which just might end up a double album if the hits keep on coming. I've also got 11 tracks all sketched out for "The Way of the Hen", the first Lifeguard Nights collaboration with stupor-producer Mike Gallina.

In addition we've got a few gigs lined up at the end of the month. On Thursday January 29th we'll be performing with the band formerly known as but still at the moment known as Death mask, at The Goldhawk in Hoboken. We played a brief set there a couple months ago and it's a great room! The following night, Friday January 30th, we're performing with HRNY WRMS at Bar 9, for Eve's birthday! It was her idea, I swear. It's going to be awesome. Finally, the night after that, we're heading up to Cambridge, MA for a gig at All-Asia Cafe at 9 PM. 3 states, 3 nights, 3 shows, 3 hangovers. Actually February 1st is Superbowl Sunday, so let's just call it a bender.

Lastly, we are honored to have been invited back to the Willow Oak Farm Fest in Madison, GA on Memorial Day Weekend, and we'll be planning a little two week tour around this event, perhaps hitting up some places along the East Coast, the South and Midwest. If you have any suggestions for venues or know anybody in these areas (including yourself--if you know yourself) who could potentially help out in some way, let us know! The goodness will come back around to ya someday.

That's all for now. peace in the middle east,


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