Monday, September 22, 2014



Hope you all enjoyed your Summer! We are sad to see it go. We here at Lifeguard Nights headquarters basically had the best Summer ever, girlfriend. No shit. In case you missed it, I started a little bidness called I MAKE YOU MUSIC (where I'll write you a personalized hit freakin' song for a small price--check it out) and also released a new Ballroom album "Genital Hospital" featuring Steve Honoshowsky on the drums and Mike Biskup on the keys and guitar, and I just finished recording a bunch of music for a great documentary called "Offset" about an amazing photographer named Brian Nice, a traumatic brain injury survivor who goes on a road trip across the country taking photographs as a means of therapy. Check out his photos, they're awesome. Very excited about that project. I am also wrapping up the long-in-the-making Lifeguard Nights "Beastmaster" LP which is completely insane. Craziest Lifeguard Nights album yet, it may blow your mind lil bit. Couple tracks below:

I also started work on a solo album which is made up of songs I wrote on my recent road trip out west with lifeguard wife. You can check out a couple tracks I posted here at MY PERSONAL BANDCAMP PAGE. There's also a few more Lifeguard Nights albums in the works as well that I'm pretty excited about.  The hits just keep on coming.

In other exciting news, this Saturday we're playing EXTRAVADANSA, an annual party in Stockholm NJ with a bunch of great bands including our sister band Hello, Boat returning to the stage for the first time in a long time. We're psyched to have Steve Dans on the kit for this one. Gonna be some oldies and some rarities and good times. If you wanna come, lemme know and I'll get you the details.

That's all for now. Bye bye, and safe swimming,

Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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