Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do Rock


Today is John Dorocki's birthday and we've been working on a bunch of songs for our oldest pal, teacher, and everything the man was that can't be put into words, but we've tried our best to put into music. I couldn't pick up a guitar for a long time after John passed. I couldn't even look at one. It hurt more than I can say. Then one day John came to me and told me stop being such a pussy and to pick up the guitar and get back to doing what we did best. As he said on his 21st birthday 14 years ago today, "Fuck the Beatles. We're better than the fucking Beatles." He immediately fell face down on his driveway after that declaration, but whatever, I believed him.

So I picked up the guitar a few months back and "Tribute" shot out of me like a baby crying upon arrival into a new world. I don't like this new world but I'll never forget the old one and these songs are my way of holding onto that, and to John. Through music we meet again and again and I have John himself to thank for that.

These songs are still quite rough and there are many more in the works that he has inspired. There would be a lot less music in the world without John Dorocki, and music is the best, so thank you John for everything, everything that means anything.

Happy birthday friend.

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