Monday, January 27, 2014

John and Peter's Thanks/Setlist/Video!


Thanks to all ye who came out to John and Peter's this past Saturday, twas a blast! Would also like to thank John and Peter's for having us, The Laundrymen for kicking the night off right (and for saving the day by lending me an acoustic guitar) and my guards who powered through the long sets, especially Dr.Ew who didn't have a keyboard due to a Korg/Nord miscommunication, and Timmay who was getting over the flu and yet still managed to do sound-guy duties all night, in addition to rocking hard like a champ. I'm a lucky gal. Here's a rough rundown of what we played, some are probably out of order:

Whiny White Boy
New Family
Cruel and Usual Punishment
Some Kind of Animal
Country Roads
Lost Boy
Dire Straits
Oh No
Lonely Hwy
The Red Eye
All Kinds of Fate
Over It
Fork U
White Light
Unrequited Love
Summer Dress
The Sweet Charade
No Mistakes

Here's some video of Lonely Hwy, shot by Mike Snyder of the Laundrymen. Thanks Mike!

We'll be back soon with more fun stuff. Stay tuned and safe swimming,

Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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