Friday, December 20, 2013

Thank Yous


Thank you all for coming out last night, words can't express how much it meant to us. It was bittersweet, certainly, but while we were playing those songs all I felt was love: love for John and the music we made and the memories we shared together, and love for all of his family and friends. I hope you felt that too. Those of you who couldn't make it, we felt you there in spirit and thank you for all the love you've shared over the past month. I would also like to thank my wonderful Lifeguard pals for all of their time and effort in getting the songs right:  Steve Dans, Steve Honoshowsky, Boris Veysman, Katy Cunningham Veysman (who was unable to perform due to an illness--get better soon Kato!), PJ Donofrio, Drew Brady, Tim Dempsey, Brad Clymer and Pat Calvert, you guys are the best, musically and otherwise. I think John would have given us two shocked thumbs up. We love and miss you John, and always will.

P.S. If anyone took any photos/videos and don't mind sharing them, please pass them along to me at If the files are too big you can send them via or Dropbox or one of those sites. Highest quality would be preferable. We recorded audio of the show and would like to put together some video to go along with it. Thank you in advance!

Safe swimming, happy holidays,


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