Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Digital 7"! Shows!


Enjoying this Indian Summer? You know we is. A few wonderful announcements:

Next Tuesday October 29th we'll be releasing a special Digital 7" in honor (honor is probably the wrong word) of the 1 year anniversary of Sandy. A digital 7" is the same as a physical 7", except without the actual vinyl, because that costs a lot of money, and I've given up the practice of setting my money on fire in exchange for a bunch of crap I'll never get rid of as long as I live. Though an actual 7" would be cool. Maybe someday. There's two songs on it. They are:

Side A: For Shore
Side B: Some Kind of Animal

"For Shore" was written in the immediate aftermath of Sandy, as we sat in our house without heat or power for over a week which sucked, but could have sucked a lot worse. Just about everyone we know in the area was affected, including our percussionist and local legend PJ Donofrio who is still not back in his house one year later. FU Sandy. This song features PJ on the congas, Steve Honoshowsky on drums, Boris Veysman on bass, myself on guitars/vocals, and Cam "Sax Beast" Hassard all the way from Australia on the mighty saxophone.

"Some Kind of Animal" was written on our honeymoon 5 years ago on the cliffs of La Jolla, along with "In This Light" from "The Miss Factory, Vol. 1" and "Miracle" from "Lifeboat For Fatty" -- it was a productive couple hours.  Twas thrown on the backburner for a while, but was resurrected thanks to the fine work of Boris Veysman and Steve Dans on the bass and drums, respectively. Dr. Ew Brady tickled the ivories (and the ebonies), Tim Dempsey added some lead gee tar, and I played the acoustic and sang. It's sexy.

This will be released through BANDCAMP ONLY at the moment, for a mere $2. Will put the link up Tuesday.

We also have a couple sweet shows coming up:

Thursday, Nov 7th at Fat Baby in NYC at 9 PM.

Thursday December 19th at the Mercury Lounge in NYC at 7 PM -- ANNUAL XMAS SHOW!

More details soon. Stay tuned and safe swimming,

Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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