Friday, May 17, 2013

New Hope Thanks Again! Tammany Hall next week!


Thanks to the fine citizens of New Hope who came out and stayed out Tuesday night to watch us tear through an extended set and listen to me babble on about various subjects such as getting hit by a truck, and my inflexibility, among other things. You guys rule. Also thanks to Dave Cahill for opening up, real fun wild stuff!  We played the following:

I Think It's Time You Moved to Florida
Out of Sorts
Cruel and Usual Punishment
Spare Tire
Stealing Coins from Wishing Wells
White Light
Dire Straits
Lost Boy
I Rattle When I Run
Sea of Death
Lonely Hwy
The Red Eye
We Used to Dance
Over It

NEXT UP -- Tammany Hall next Thursday night, May 23rd! Kick off Memorial Day Weekend right! We'll be busting out some brand new hits for the occasion. It's going to rule, you'd best be there.

Safe swimming,
Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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