Friday, March 9, 2012

"Darker Side of the Pool" Out Now!!!


Holy crap it almost feels like Spring out there, ain't it great?  You remember, that season we used to have, Spring?  I think we might have one this year.  We're pretty pumped about it.  We're also pumped because we're releasing another new (old) album RIGHT NOW, "Darker Side of the Pool," the SJSLCB's "Dark Side of the Pool" outtakes.  If you recall (and you probably don't because I'm talking to no one) "Dark Side of the Pool" was originally supposed to be a double album.  But then things kinda fell apart and I ended up half-ass-ing it and putting it out as one album.  But recently I went back and found all these gems (?) and decided to finish it all up.  They're kinda different, and there's a good reason they didn't make it on the album, but I think there's some hot stuff here and the songs kinda work together in a nice way to make a quaint little oddball album.  There's also a really long two part jam session which nobody really remembers.  Enjoy it with a little LSD.

Anywho, here's the link to the album.  It's a mere $5 and you get all sorts of goodies with the download.  DO IT!

More fun updates coming soon!  In the meantime, safe swimming,


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