Thursday, July 7, 2011

SHOW + Stuff/Things/Update


Hope you've all been enjoying the Summer and swimming safely! I've been doing some renegade 'guarding on the weekends in Jersey and so far, so good. Haven't lost a soul on my watch (except for that one guy, but nobody liked him anyway.)

Anywhom, I know that this time of year is typically when we (Lifeguard Nights/The SJSLCB) kick into high gear, and I apologize for our recent lack of shows/productivity. There are a number of reasons for this, including...

1. getting older/burning out
2. commuting 4 hours a day into the city (see #1)
3. everyone in the band lives far away from each other and is in other bands
4. i started a new band Ballroom (
5. bar 9 closed
6. now that i live close to the beach, i actually go there, instead of just singing about going there name just a few. But rest assured, there is plenty of new Lifeguard material still in the works, and it WILL get done soon and you will hear and probably (possibly) love it!

In other fantastic news, on Saturday July 16th we'll be returning to the stage at The Lamp Post in Jersey City, NJ at 10 PM. We'll be playing old oldies, oldies, and newer oldies, and maybe even some newies. It's going to be great. (It's also my birthday weekend, if you care to celebrate that sort of thing.)

Hope to see you there! Safe swimming,


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