Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thanks! + Fontana's Setlist


Thanks for coming out to the rock and roll party this past Saturday night, we had a freakin' blast! Unfortunately, Hrny Wrms had to cancel due to Scott's shitty immune system. Watch and listen carefully to the beginning of this video from last week and you can practically see the moment when karma take physical form and makes Scott sick. And then enjoy the rest of it because it's f'ng awesome.

Anyway, they were bummed, we were bummed, you were bummed, but we pressed on and had a wild time anyway. Lifeguard Wife took some sweet videos which I'll post soon. In the meantime here's what we did:

The Kids Ain't Alright
If Only
Lost Boy
Allie Says
Driveway Dreams
The Gun Show
Batten Down The Hatches
The Red Eye
We're Having A Great Time*
I Don't Like Love
Dire Straits
Over It

*Debut performance (also, a disaster. my bad.)


Strap on a diaper cause there's plenty more rock and roll coming this Spring/Summer!

Stay out of tune, and safe swimming,

Vincent & Lifeguard Nights

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