Monday, March 1, 2010

"Good Job, Honey" OUT NOW!!! Release Party @ Maxwells/Tracklist & More!


After months of writing/recording/tweaking/rubbing/tugging, "Good Job, Honey" is finally complete! UPDATE: IT IS AVAILABLE NOW ON iTUNES, GO GET 'ER!

This is the 10th home-recorded Lifeguard Nights album, and I must say I believe it is our finest. I know I say that about every album, but I usually don't mean it. This time I mean it. This album is a wild ride from start to finish with nary a dull moment.

Recording began in July and finished up last night. Boris Veysman played the bass geetar on pretty much all the tunes, PJ Donofrio played congas on a bunch, and Brad Clymer played trumpet on a few as well. I played everything else and recorded/mixed it all. A bunch of the tunes were recorded in September at our friend Chris Cassidy's house in Asbury Park, NJ. Many thanks to Cass for allowing us to record there, the setting was definitely an inspiration.

The plan is to release the album in early April, and we'll be hosting a very special CD RELEASE PARTY at MAXWELL'S in Hoboken, NJ's finest music venue, on Friday, April 9th. Our life partners HRNY WRMS will be joining us on the bill, as well as a couple other special guests TBA. Please come celebrate with us, it's bound to be a special night! RSVP:



1. Dinner Plans
2. Summer Dress
3. The Whip
4. Your Secret Club Isn't Fair
5. Never Let Go
6. The Offing
7. My Ride Home
8. Weed Lion
9. Little Hands
10. Old Enemy
11. Old Friend
12. The Proposition
13. If Only
14. Rat Race
15. Big Children
16. The Gun Show
17. California
18. Real Bad
19. Hyperbaric Chamber*
20. Throw It All Away
21. Living In Low Light

*Recorded live in 3D with Boris on slide bass, John Dorocki on slide guitar, Brad Clymer on trumpet and Sara Jacovino on trombone.

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