Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mercury Lounge 12/12 and End-of-the-Year Roundup!

Hi everybody,

Hope you're all enjoying yourselves doing whatever it is that you do exactly! 2008 is quickly coming to a close, and I'm glad because I'm pretty sure 2008 has been trying to kill me. If you could charge a year with attempted murder, I'd have filed a police report months ago. It's been a heck of a roller-coaster ride these past 11 months and I'm willing to blow God himself if he lets up in 2009. Blasphemy probably isn't helping my cause, I realize, but between the Giants winning the Superbowl, getting deathly ill for a few weeks, getting engaged, having an old friend try to steal 1200 bucks from me, getting married, wacky private detective adventures, work drama, band drama, baby mama drama (just kidding, mom), I need a freakin break. Granted, getting married and having the Giants win the Superbowl in the same year is pretty freakin' awesome, so I figure the universe decided to pay me back by having other other aspect of my life suck balls.

However, ball-sucking usually leads to better song-writing, so that's good. I only recorded two solo albums this year, "Following the Hollowing" and "Ate" but I think they're my best and I'm pretty proud of them. Plus there was "Punch Sky", our second full band album which I also think is our finest collaborative effort to date. So while we might still be completely obscure, at least we're getting better in our obscurity. Onwards and upwards to nowhere! To round out the year, we've got the 2nd Annual X-Mas Spectacular coming up on December 12th at the Mercury Lounge. Check out the poster below!


I'm pretty psyched about this show for a number of reasons. It's always fun to play with our friends Wormburner and Knockout Drops, and especially at our favorite club in the city, the Mercury Lounge. Plus, there's the Yule Dogs all-star christmas-classics jam session which will blow your mind There's no better way to get in the holiday spirit than that, I guarantee you. In addition to all that awesomeness, I've assembled a great team for the show, featuring a couple of fresh faces (Jeff on drums, Sarah on viola) and a great set-list, featuring a wide variety of new and old songs, and a very special christmas cover song by my favorite band of all time, which I'll be performing solo. Barring any natural disasters/technical difficulties, I'm confident this will be our finest show to date. We do have a couple gigs after that before the New Year is up, (including a Bogmen after-party show at Bar 9), so check the myspace page for details on those!

Alrighty, I'm down to suck off a turkey! I mean, off to suck down a turkey. Same difference. Peace.

Vincent and Lifeguard Nights

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